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Septic Inspection

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Beneath your home lies an important feature that many don’t want to talk about — your septic system. Septic systems are often ignored until they start causing foul odors and damaging overflow that impact your property. Avoiding these unpleasant scenarios is easy with advanced sewer scoping and complete sewer inspections to catch issues early.

Here at J.T. Plumbing Services, we utilize some of the best sewer scoping tools and techniques to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly and proper maintenance and repairs can be performed when needed. Contact our team of licensed plumbers today to schedule your septic inspection!

Our Sewer Scoping Process



Our team of experts will start by locating the lateral sewer lines beneath your home and gaining access to a convenient entry point.



Next, we will begin to run the sewer camera through the pipes, looking for any clogging or damage within your sewer lines.



If we happen to find any issues within your sewer lines, we will document each specific problem and its estimated location.



Once the scope is complete, our professional plumbers will collaborate with you to find the proper solution to your sewer problems.

The Importance of Sewer Cameras

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For decades, even professional plumbers have had to guess the issues that lie within your pipes. This led to many misdiagnosed sewer problems and unnecessary repairs or replacements. However, the introduction of cameras in the plumbing industry has been a complete game changer.

These miniscule sewer cameras are placed on the end of a flexible cable, allowing it to twist and bend throughout any type of piping or sewer line. With this advanced technology, our plumbing contractors are able to see exactly what is inside of the pipes. This allows us to identify issues and know exactly what is needed to fix them. Additionally, sewer cameras help us identify the exact location of the problem, avoiding extensive digging and additional repairs to your property. Contact J.T. Plumbing Services in Fort Collins today to get started!

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Identifying the Problem

    Sewer inspections are one of the best ways to catch issues before they cause costly damage and repairs. With the inclusion of sewer scoping to get a view from the inside, there are a number of different problems that might be found and identified during your sewer inspection. Below are some of the major things that our team at J.T. Plumbing Services looks for when performing a sewer inspection. Contact us today for more information!

  • Foul Odors In/Around The Home
  • Effluent Build-Up/Clogging
  • Corrosion Within The Pipes
  • Tree Root Intrusion
  • Broken/Leaking Pipes

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Sewer Solutions

Depending on the issues found within your sewer lines, our team of knowledgeable plumbers will recommend the best solution to get everything resolved and like new as soon as possible. Here at J.T. Plumbing Services in Fort Collins, we offer a number of different sewer and plumbing repair services and our team is dedicated to finding you the sewer solutions that fit your needs!

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Having sewer inspections performed regularly is the best way to avoid costly repairs later down the road. Simple and fast sewer maintenance, such as sewer scoping and minor repairs, will keep your sewer system running smoothly and extend its service life.

If you have identified signs of a sewer problem or it’s simply been a while since you have had your sewer inspected, give our licensed plumbers at J.T. Plumbing Services in Fort Collins a call today to schedule an appointment!

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